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Elizabeth Kuizenga Romijn
Contee Seely
Robert Wachman, Yuba College/Command Performance

“Live Action English” is loved by thousands of teachers. Co-author demonstrates how to use it as a main text. Her new book Recurrent Action Grammar shows how to flesh it out with enjoyable, diverse classroom activities. Related software Live Action English Interactive and accompanying Workbooks will also be shown briefly.

Publisher Presentation (45 minutes)

Casa Fuente Building, Room 452


Ann Dennehy & Armenuhi Hovhannes

Presentation of interactive on-line resources, teacher-created websites, kinesthetic activities, and lessons, adaptable for all levels of academic and non-academic ESL. Lessons easily encourage student-directed research and responses in academic and creative writing, incorporating essays, short stories, poetry, art and film.

Workshop Presentation (90 minutes)

Casa Fuente Building, Pacific Lab

Marceta Branka, OTAN

Looking to expand your teaching toolkit? OTAN’s website offers many free resources for adult level ESL teachers. A collection of reviewed Web sites, online lesson plans and lesson plan builder, student success stories, technology integration videos, and ideas for using Web based resources and professional development will be discussed.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)
Morse Building, Room B106



OTAN website:

USA Learns (online lessons for distance learning, also classroom):

OTAN also sponsors Moodle sites for Adult School programs

Katie Dutcher, Monterey Institute of International Studies

What happens to students’ writing when there’s no teacher to help them? Learn tools and techniques for fostering self-analysis and correction. Using a cycle including detailed evaluation tools, specific goal-setting, and systematic, individualized online practice, students take responsibility for their own learning, notice progress, and gain confidence in timed writing tasks.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)

Morse Building, Room B206

Session Resources

Link to Presentation on

Dutcher 1_Self-analysis and Goal-setting 1 (.pdf)

Dutcher 2_Self-analysis and Goal-setting 2 (.pdf)

Dutcher 3_Weblinks for Writing Practice (.doc)

Dutcher 4_End-of-Semester Portfolio Review (.pdf)

Peter Shaw, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Lisa Donohoe Luscombe, Monterey Institute of International Studies

This presentation describes a model for CBI teacher training in nuclear physics and security. Matched teams of MIIS content and EAP specialists joined counterparts from a Russian university to produce a collaborative curriculum based in a signature fusion of content and language teaching mastery, intercultural competence and mutual trust.

Paper Presentation (45 minutes)
Morse Building, Room B104


VIDEO with classroom footage

Presentation Slides (Google Doc)

Janice Tolman

To develop skills in critical thinking and pedagogy applicable to teaching grammar, writing, and civics to adult and young adult ESL students, workshop participants will apply analytical tools derived from critical linguistics to a political speech. In their analysis, they will code the text, make statements based on evidence, and evaluate the rhetorical purpose of the text. Additional objectives include the structure of an argument and Constitutional law applied to political discourse.

Workshop Presentation (90 minutes)
Morse Building,
Room B109

Michelle Cadden, Oxford University Press

English Language Learners may not succeed in content classrooms because of their inability to use classroom language. We will suggest ways that ESL and content teachers can promote academic language for ELLs in content classrooms by examining classroom vocabulary, and showing how teacher scaffolding and interactional protocols work.

Publisher Presentation (45 minutes)
A, E, S

Morse Building,
Room B105

Susana van Bezooijen, CASAS

Reading is an essential skill for life and work in the 21st century. Learn how to integrate reading activities into ELL lessons. Take home a packet of reading activities to use in the ELL classroom. See how CASAS Reading Content Standards and TOPS reports can identify students reading skill needs.

Workshop Presentation (90 minutes)
Morse Building, Room B209


vanBezooijen 1_Reading Activities A rev (.doc)

vanBezooijen 2_Reading Activities Level C and D rev (.doc)

VanBezooijen 3_ReadingActivitiesLevelB6 (.doc)

vanBezooijen 4_ReadingAnyone SI7 (.pptx)

vanBezooijen 5_Reading report (.pdf)

vanBezooijen 6_sampleReading lessonrev (.docx)

vanBezooijen 7_Wippea Lesson Plan (.docx)

Greta Shoop, Monterey Institute of International Studies

The presenter will share examples of textbook revisions she has found helpful in her experience as a Peace Corps EFL instructor. The session will include tips for adapting grammar translation centered materials into more communicative lessons for future Peace Corps volunteers and others who plan on teaching in developing countries.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)
Morse Building,
Room A101



Melody Noll

All-Star, the scientifically proven, classroom-tested adult educational series is now in its 2nd edition. This session will focus on demonstrating how All-Star, the trusted classroom leader, equips students with the proper tools so they can succeed with their transitional goals. As teachers accommodate different students transitional goals flexibility is key. We will discuss integrating the proper technology tools into your adult education classes, making learning fun, teaching with the right mix of grammar and listening and ultimately preparing students to be successful.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)
Morse Building, Room A203