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Putting English in Action

Eric Bredenberg, Heinle Cengage Learning

Putting English into action makes a successful class.  Active Vocabulary, Active Grammar, Active Listening/Speaking, Active Technology, Active Reading, and Active Writing are all components of the new edition of English in Action 2/e by Heinle publishers.  This hands-on workshop shows how to do it!  Free samples provided.

Publisher Presentation (45 minutes)
S, CC, A
Casa Fuente Building, Room 434


Melody Noll

McGraw-Hill ESL’s Interactions is now online! The most popular academic skills preparation series is now packaged with a media-rich online environment that has all new audio, video, and interactive flash cards and animations.  Make learning interactive in the classroom and beyond!

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)
Casa Fuente Building, Pacific Lab

Rod Hinn, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Input is usually defined as the linguistic data that is available to individuals in the environment.  The presentation will discuss the problem with such a definition and offer an alternative: the concept of language experience. Drawn from emergentist perspectives, an understanding of language experiences can lead us to certain pedagogical implications.

Paper Presentation (45 minutes)
Morse Building, Room B206

Marceta Branka, OTAN

The Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) hosts a website with many resources for teachers. Focused on the adult level it includes an online collection of lesson plans as well as an online tool for teachers to use in creating and saving their own lesson plans, websites for classroom activities, professional development resources, and information on using technology and multimedia in instruction. Teachers can find resources for professional development, classroom management tips, and engaging activities for students. The Students Succeed project provides many inspiring stories of individuals who have come through adult ESL classes and have achieved some of their life goals. Some stories include short videos. Web-based activities review and present online tools to extend learning and teaching outside the classroom walls.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)

Morse Building, Room B104

Michelle Cadden, Oxford University Press

Today’s learner dictionaries are an extraordinary resource for students and teachers alike. We will demonstrate how a good dictionary can facilitate the word learning process and become a solid foundation for helping to develop your students’ writing skills. We will provide specific classroom tips and activity templates for using dictionaries to develop learners’ vocabulary, writing skills, and critical thinking skills.

Publisher Presentation (45 minutes)
E, S, A

Morse Building, Room B105

Session Resources

Cadden 1_American_Dictionaries_Northern Regional 2010 slides (.pdf)

Cadden 2 - first slide of presentation

Cadden 2 - first slide of presentation

Dennis Johnson

Learn games, teamwork tasks, mixers and other communicative activities that engage students, lower their affective filter and liven up your classroom.  Adaptable for learners of any level or ability, these communicative activities further language acquisition as well as reinforce listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)

Morse Building, Room B209

Lanfan Wang

Great literature impacts the reader, but also sparks teaching ideas from ESL/EFL professionals. In memory of the 110th anniversary of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of the renowned story The Little Prince, let us explore together how the little prince can light up our English classes.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)
E, S, CC, C/U, IEP, A
Morse Building, Room B108

Chris Van Booven, University of Southern California
Katie Skipper, University of Southern California

This presentation provides best practices for developing and teaching community-based, adult two-way bilingual immersion programs.  Presenters will draw on lessons learned teaching and co-directing “I HABLO U”, a joint English as a Second Language and Spanish as a Foreign Language class for adult language learners in South Central Los Angeles.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)

Morse Building, Room A101



VanBooven 1_CATESOL 2010 – I HABLO U presentation (.pptx)

Gabriella Nuttall, Sacramento City College

This presentation looks at ways of helping students summarize and interact with college-level texts effectively. The presenter will discuss a series of practical activities and homework assignments that gradually introduce students to more complex tasks, from identifying key words to responding to relevant concepts. Handouts will be provided.

Demonstration Presentation (45 minutes)
S, CC, C/U

Morse Building, Room A203

Session Resources

Nuttall 1_Nov13_2010 (.doc)