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Changing Tides:  Metaphors for Teaching

As tides rise and fall, so too do approaches to teaching and learning. To prepare learners for the 21st century, we need to change our metaphors for teaching– from an industrial model of education to a networked model. The essential element of such an approach is collaboration—among teachers and among learners, and between teacher and learner. This collaboration needs to be grounded in explorations of classroom practice and in the cycle of reflection/action. This presentation will outline what such collaboration looks like in practice, giving participants opportunities to engage in their own explorations.

Denise E. Murray is Emeritus Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia and San José State University, California. She was founding Chair of the Department of Linguistics and Language Development at San José State for 9 years, and Executive Director of the National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research and the AMEP Research Centre at Macquarie University for 6 years. She served on the TESOL Board of Directors for 7 years, being President in 1996-7. Her publications include What English language Teachers Need to Know I & II (with MaryAnn Christison, Routledge); Leadership in English Language Teaching (with MaryAnn Christison, Routledge); Planning Change; Changing Plans (University of Michigan Press); and Knowledge Machines: Language and Society in a Digital Era (Longman). Her research interests include CALL, leadership, crosscultural literacy, and language diversity.